Sunday, November 19, 2017

If You Can't Burn Homeopathy Books, what's the next best thing?

JoBrodie complains to UK regulating authorities about homeopaths who treat autism

In the tweet below, anti homeopathy activist, friend of Alan Henness (Nightingale Collaboration), suggests to other like minded skeptics "Let's send more quacks to jail :) " UK homeopaths, homeopathy users, supporters, homeopathic organizations, hotels, universities & other venues that host informational gatherings to inform the public about alternative health care options, need to be aware of the content on the blog of JoBrodie who cautions her readers to "Think of this blog as a sort of nursery for my half-baked ideas; hence 'Stuff that occurs to me.' "

On one blog page, Brodie describes in explicit diabolical detail what and how anti homeopathy skeptics do, and can, stop educational and/or informational presentations at schools, universities and other organizations. She lists resources for more help as well as successes (less than 10) skeptics have had stopping the informational presentation of alternative health care options, primarily homeopathy. This practice by anti homeopathy activists is dangerous to society. It's bullying. It's disgusting. The title of this blog post reflects my fears in this regard.

As I interpreted one of Brodie's comments (I deleted them), she threatened to proceed with a DMCA take down notice of my entire blog. I understand how embarrassing this must be to have the skeptics' tactics exposed. Someone has to do it. I did. I will. No regrets.

Since Brodie tweets about her blog entries, someone (perhaps a member of the Society of Homeopaths) in London might want to share a link to her blog with meeting room bookers (, institutions of higher learning and health care centers in London. The blog post to read and share, has the words Alternative medicine conferences and events - a guide for hotels and conference centres in the title. It's only fair that they be forewarned and forearmed, right?

If the like minded anti homeopathy skeptics need help, Brodie has posted links to the blogs and/or websites of the "Good Thinking Society; the Nightingale Collaboration; Sense About Science and then a Skeptics in the Pub (various around the UK)" where you can, well....learn how to combat the spread of homeopathy over a pint or two.....

Nightingale Collaboration vs WDDTY Magazine

Nightingale Collaboration Tries Censorship of an article in the WDDTY Magazine. It mentions the word cancer, homeopathy & cure in the same headline!

This article is the content the followers of the Nightingale Collaboration were upset about. Apparently, they did not and never want stores in the UK to stock the magazine. I replied to JoBrodie's tweet which implied that the group of Nightingale anti-homeopathy followers should keep up the pressure by emailing the magazine demanding that Tesco take the magazine off their shop shelves. I think this attempt to keep information about alternative medicine, and especially homeopathy, from the public is "sinister" and told her so. In tweets I have followed, one skeptic bragged that he/she would enter the shops and hide the magazines. Another said that he/she bought all the copies to put in the trash so that the magazine would not be in stock. Censorship is never a good thing. It's a 'numbers game' to the followers of the Nightingale Collaboration. Don't let these few people practice this censorship.