Monday, August 12, 2013

Nightingale Collaboration How They Treat Homeopathy Supporters

Nightingale Collaboration How They Treat Homeopathy Supporters

On the other hand, an excellent example of ridicule directed towards me is posted on Mr Guy Chapman's his blog (blag) and can be seen HERE

On Amazon, an example of ridicule directed towards me by the skeptics of homeopathy, members of the Nightingale Collaboration HERE. These comments are meant to humiliate and stop people from defending homeopathy. Sad. It is particularly vile on pages 6, 7 and 8. Some of my comments and those of others who support homeopathy have been voted as "not helpful", so they are whited out, but can still be read.

This comment by Maria Maclachlan the wife of Alan Henness, the director of the Nightingale Collaboration is particularly vile:

I recommend a homeopathic remedy to you, Sandra. Excrementum caninum. On the principle that like treats like, I presume it treats shit-for-brains syndrome. Try it and let's see if it makes you any more intelligent."

You are one of the nastiest cult-members I've had the misfortune to come across and it's fair to assume that it's because you don't have a rational argument that you continue to behave in this despicable manner.

So far all I have seen you do is harass, abuse and lie about people who tell the truth about homeopathy - the truth being, of course, that it is a pile of steaming crap that unscrupulous quacks promote in order to line their own pockets.

Your stupidity is boundless and it is no surprise that you believe in magic pills. So what do you ultimately hope to achieve, Sandra? If your objective is to demonstrate the rank idiocy and nastiness of followers of cult of homeopathy, then please carry on because it is behaviour like yours that keeps me going.

Stay tuned for more examples. Did not have to wait long...

On Zeno's twitter alerting followers of my posts.

Posted on Amazon by Guy Chapman on 13 Aug 2012:

"Sandra, you have been caught out. Protesting your innocence in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary does you no favours. As to 'vile', you are the one who set up a page about "enemies of hoemopathy" with pictures, snide remarks, and any criticsal commentary deleted. As usual for a hoemopathist, you can only "win" if you can control the mdeium and the message; in open discussion your ideas are rapidly exposed as intellectually bankrupt."
Nobody is fooled.

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