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6 January, 2014  

The twitter page of cancer.cry (screen shot below) who wrote a positive article about homeopathy shows that he complains of abuse after writing his article. The screen shot shows intimidation by markmcan, Flatsquid and Alan Henness (zeno001 on Twitter). There may have been more by other anti-homeopathy people. Why the abuse of a person who is not a homeopath and does not sell homeopathic remedies? To remind my readers, Mr. Henness is the co-founder of the Nightingale Collaboration, an anti-homeopathy pressure group in the UK who submit complaints to the Advertising Standards Association on a regular basis. In my opinion, this conduct by Mr. Henness and his followers is the same as cyber bullying and unfortunately there are many more examples of this conduct by his followers and Mr. Henness himself. If I were a member of the ASA, I would not condone this behavior. In fact, I would demand that it be stopped.

And then, there is the hounding of journalists who write positive articles about homeopathy. The Nightingale Collaboration and its followers feel they have a right to cyber bully them as well. Ms. Simone O'Kane, (Yates) wrote about a Doctor (PhD) in Blackburn who practices homeopathy and she became a target of their abuse. See screen shots of tweets to her below. In the name of common decency, all parties that deal with this group should demand that this activity stop.

7 January, 2014

8 January, 2014

You can help stop the ASA bias against CAM medicine by signing THIS PETITION

And then there is this (see screen shot below from the skepticat org website....

Guy Chapman is a follower of the Nightingale Collaboration and in my opinion this cyber bullying post (see screen shots) from one of his "blag" posts show that those who oppose homeopathy are not content with hounding homeopaths but private citizens who support homeopathy as well. See the actual post and comments HERE

There are more examples of cyber bullying by members of the Nightingale Collaboration in my editorial entitled "Can Those Who Oppose Homeopathy at Least be Civil?". You can read it HERE

9 January, 2014    Stay tuned, I'm not finished, yet.
Read all about the "non-profit" health care police in the UK known as The Nightingale Collaboration HERE  Below are some screen shots from the site.

Dr. Steven Salzberg of Johns Hopkins University is a frequent author of articles bashing all facets of CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine), including homeopathy. Read his article entitled "Poison for Pain - the Homeopathic Way" HERE   Another Dr. Salzberg homeopathy bashing article on Forbes with the title "Homeopathic Pain Medicine Contains Poison" can be seen HERE

This anti-homeopathy article "Homeopathy - Most of Us Are Ignorant and It Certainly Isn't Bliss" posted on the Huffington Post of the UK by Michelle Beckett has plenty of comments you can learn from if you ever decide to post a positive comment about homeopathy. Read it HERE

The "Nightengale Collaboration" tells its paid (most likely) volunteers how to make a complaint HERE

Another Basher of homeopathy and follower of the magician "The Amazing Randi", Kyle Hill has an article HERE

Just names:

William Lawrence Utridge, blatherty, BrianHartman, robertgerst (more to come...)

Enemies list of tweeters:

@mjrobbins; @glassgiant; @nigelbretherton ; @Acleron1 ; @mrhawkes ; @Slipp_Digby; @becswithspecs; @SceptiGuy; @zeno001; @HOMEOheretic; @puffpuffdub; @rjblaskiewicz


  1. There are many s(k)eptics in UK. This page is too small to include all. But let me give you a list of few who are following me on twitter


  2. Thank you Dr. Malik for that valuable information! I really appreciate your help and your posts!

    Send me anything you want that will help. You can also email me if you need more space. Check out the "Supporters Page" for an image of my email address.

  3. Here are a few more names of particularly active Skeptics in the UK. I will put their twitter names down.

    @endless_psych Keir Liddle "president of Edinburgh skeptics"

    @Bluewode Not sure who he is but seems to be particularly prolific these days.

    @ScepticLetter Ron Lewis who goes to Health Events and collects leaflets and sends complaints about them.

    And of course the infamous warhelmet who seems to have dissapeared since the success of the homeopathic campaign for the right to access remedies last year.

    There are many more but it's a lovely sunny day in Edinburgh and who wants to darken it?

    Best wishes,

    Diane Goodwin

    1. Always best to shine the light on those who try to darken our days, isn't it!


  4. Since, by design, I can control what is posted on my blog, I plan to continue to delete the offensive personal comments directed toward me by the members and followers of The Nightingale Collaboration.

  5. My G-d !!! I've looked through the lot of them, and there's not ONE good looking individual amongst them! Some are skinny. Some have hairlines that have receded all the way to China. Some are but children. Some look a bit on the dull side in spite of their professorial eye wear. And the one far right in the very first row chose a characature of his very best features.

    Goes to show what not using good medicine can do to a person!

  6. These skeptics are all a bunch of crackpots!

  7. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- Re the latest photo addition to the line-up.......The characature was so much more attractive than the real thing! Bless you for shedding light on those who try so hard to darken the health care outcomes of so many people.

  8. I once made a list of all the skeptic blogs and gave up after finding a huge number. I expect a lot have stopped now.

    Regarding the Nightingale Collaboration, no doubt named after Florence Nightingale, I would like to once again point out that she was an advocate of homeopathic medicine. http://sueyounghistories.com/archives/2007/11/22/florence-nightingale-and-homeopathy/
    For more information about the truth about homeopathy, please visit http://www.homeopathyheals.me.uk

    1. And she was a woman with compassion, which really, it is quite surprising they chose the name!

  9. It really is true, a bunch of (mostly) white males pushing their weigh around. Very sad that they can't find something more constructive to do with their time than harass a bunch of (mostly) women and those of color. Truth will win out. I particularly like the point someone made about 'you can't have it both ways.' It's appropriate in two ways. The first is that they claim homeopathy does no good, but then demand homeopathy be taken off the market because it's dangerous. The second is that they want what they claim is 'scientific evidence' (really just a term for 'whatever you say is wrong') but then say that when people are cured of disease it's anecdotal. I'm sure the now disease-free person doesn't feel that way.

  10. It always comes down to ridicule and hate with them! Their lives must be so shallow and pointless. The ego needs stoking, and this is how they get attention.